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Crush the Castle Hacked

Feed The Cat Hacked
You Don't Lose Lives.
Scram Ball Hacked
Timer Stopped,Hitting Walls Is Not Fault
Batman Truck Hacked
All Levels Unlocked, Unlimited Nitro
Captain Jack Adventure Hacked
Unlimited Health
Cargo Bridge Xmas Hacked
No Funds Needed
Sleepless Knight Hacked
All Upgrades, Tons of Health
Avatar Fort Flight Hacked
Infinite Gold Coins and Bending Points
Smileys War Hacked
Unlimited Money, Experience and Health, All Maps Unlocked
Railroad Tycoon 3 Hacked
Unlimited Lives and Bombs
Arachnophilia Hacked
Infinite Web, Gold Web, Double Speed And Infinite Health
Army Driver Hacked
More Rockets And Bombs
Hill Defender Hacked
Unlimited Cash and Health
Max Dirt Bike Hacked
All Levels Unlocked
WpnFire Hacked
Health Set to 200, 999999 Ammo for all Guns
The Challenge Hacked
Unlimited Health, Mana, Credits
Tomato And Diamonds Hacked
Unlimited Time For Each Level
Super Mega Ultra Evil Genuis Hacked
Unlimited Money
Parking Lot 1 Hacked
Unlimited Lives, Timer Doubled
Run Bolt Run Hacked
Higher and Faster Jump
Deady Hacked
Infinite Health
Savage Food Battle Hacked
Infinite Lives
Moonsweeper Hacked
Unlimited Health and Ammo
Mario Journey Hacked
Infinite Lives, Higher Jump
Motherload Hacked
Unlimited Cargo Space, Fuel, Money