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Roadkill Revenge Hacked
All Levels Unlocked
Jumpers For Goalposts Hacked
Everything is Free
The Breach Hacked
Unlimited Health and Weapon Damage Increased
Larry And The Gnomes Hacked
More Stamina, Health Ammo and Lives
Kung Fu Special Trainer Hacked
Unlimited Lives
Droids At The Gate Hacked
More Money, All Weapons and Items Unlocked
Greater Fighter Hacked
Rapid Fire, Immortality
Get Off My Planet Hacked
Tons of Money
Kill Kenny Hacked
Unlimited Lives
Protector IV Hacked
Unlimited Gold and Lives, Increased Damage
Days Of The Dead Hacked
Unlimited Mana and Wall Health
Darkbase Defence Hacked
Infinite Ammo, Mines, Turrets and Health
Super Mushroom Mario Hacked
Infinite Lives
D Day Defender Hacked
No Overheat, Infinite Ammo
Ragdoll Invaders Hacked
Infinite Lives
Lost Nuke 2 Hacked
Infinite Lives and Ammo
World Cup Kicks Hacked
Infinite Kicks
Matrix Bullet Time Fighting Hacked
Infinite Ammo and Health
Swords And Sandles 4 Hacked
Unlimited Gold, Instant Level 100
Elemental Turret Defence Hacked
Infinite Money
Defender Hold The Holy Pig Hacked
Unlimited Money
VR Defender Y3K Hacked
Unlimited Money
Onslaught 2 Hacked
Infinite Money
Antbuster Hacked
Unlimited Money