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Agent Wing Defenders Final Hacked

Snowman Attack Hacked
99999 health, 100000 money and 999999 kills.
Blue Archer Hacked
Start With 14 Arrows
Last Touchdown Hacked
Infinite Lives
Zombie Mode Hacked
Press [u] to unlock all weapons.
Unreal Flash Hacked
Tons of Cash, More Health, and Max Power
Hans And Emma Hacked
Infinite Lives
ZunderFury Hacked
Unlimited Bombs, Credits, Lives
Megaman Zero 1.5 Hacked
You Can't Die!
Skyfyre Hacked
Invincible, Lots Of Gold And XP
Lord Of War Hacked
Infinite Money and Lives
Mecha Martyr Hacked
Increased Experience And Upgrades
Montreal Mobility Hacked
Timer Significantly Increased
Luigis Revenge Hacked
Enemies Give Health
Ghost Wrath Hacked
9999 Score, 999999 Power
Motherload Hacked
Unlimited Cargo Space, Fuel, Money
Castle Wars Hacked
Everything Set To 50
Ace Blackjack Hacked
Unlimited Money
Devils And Cupid Hacked
Infinite Lives
Truckster 2 Hacked
Unlimited Money
Outer Mine Hacked
Unlimited Oxygen And Fuel
Shopping Street Hacked
Infinite Money
Super Manager Hacked
No Bills, Infinite Money
Possession Hacked
Selling And Everything Adds Money
Pink Archer Hacked
Bow Power Increased, All Levels Unlocked