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SpongeBob Square Pants Patty Panic Hacked

Dragon Hunt Hacked
Infinite Shield
Zombie Infestation Strain 116 Hacked
Invincibility On All Modes
Extreme Tank Wars Hacked
Infinite Money and HP
Pokemon Tower Defense 2 Hacked
More Money and Experience, One Hit Captures
Heart Attack Hacked
Unlimited Money And Life
Stoneage Conqueror Hacked
Double Speed, Infinite Health and Experience
Goosehead Racing Hacked
Lots Of Cash
Ricochet War Hacked
All Levels Unlocked, Unlimited Bullets
Element Saga Hacked
Unlimited Health And Ammo
Bloody Penguin Throw Hacked
Better Throw
Super Mario Star Scramble 2 Hacked
Press Key 1 For 9999 Lives
Fire And Ice Hacked
Health Hack, Timer Hack.
Speed Challenger Hacked
Infinite Jumps, Infinite Nos & Fuel
Sucka Swing Hacked
Infinite Money
Half Life 2 Total Mayhem Hacked
Unlimited Health And Ammo
Madness Blast Hacked
Unlimited Health
Bubble Gum Run Hacked
Health And Time
Brute Wars Hacked
Unlimited randoms at the beginning, Unlimited food and revive
Bone Attack Hacked
Move Faster, Infinite Blood Points and HP
Snow Truck 2 Hacked
Start Off With A Lot Of Lives On All Modes
Dublox Hacked
All Levels Unlocked.
2112 Cooperation Chapter 1 Hacked
Infinite Health
Fish Money Hacked
Infinite Bombs - Strength Increased
Tank Tactics Hacked
Unlimited Money In Battle and Shop