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Tentacle Wars Hacked

Battalion Nemesis Hacked
Unlimited Money
Hard Target Hacked
Infinite Health
Ninja Assassin 2 Hacked
Immortality, Dying Gives Lives
Christmas Defense Hacked
All Purchases In The Store Add Money.
Turtle Defense Hacked
Press 1 For Money and 2 For Health/Lives
Crash Bandicoot Flash Hacked
Infinite Lives
Platform Racing Hacked
Instant Win, Super Jump, Lightning Item
Commando Strike Hacked
Unlimited Grenades, Ammo and Health
Railroad Tycoon 3 Hacked
Unlimited Lives and Bombs
Serfs Up Hacked
Lower Gravity
Massive Attack V2 Hacked
Everything is Free
Sprinter Hacked
Run Faster
Lone Faction Hacked
Max Health And Lives, All Guns Unlocked
Mecha Martyr Hacked
Increased Experience And Upgrades
Anti Terrorism Department Hacked
Infinite Health
Flutag Tournament Hacked
Cash Hack
Ragdoll Invaders Hacked
Infinite Lives
The Amazons Leader Hacked
All Towers, Upgrades, Magic Only Cost 10
Papa Louie Hacked
Increased Money, Infinite Health, and More Points
Vinnie's Shooting Yard 4 Hacked
Unlimited Ammo, No Reload
Bouncin Bop All Episodes Hacked
Learn to Fly Hacked
Increased Speed, Less Gravity, More Money
Squareman Hacked
Infinite Lives
Mad Mech Hacked
Infinite Health