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Swine Flu Salvation Hacked

Bratz Fish Tank Hacked
Infinite Money
Evil Slayer Hacked
Immortality, Infinite Mana
Ammo Zombie Hacked
999 Ammo
Stick RPG Hacked
All Objects, Infinite Money
Thing Thing 3 Hacked
Infinite Health and Ammo, No Reload
5 Minutes To Kill Yourself Wedding Day Hacked
60 Minutes Instead of 5, Double Health
Defend Your Dirt Hacked
Tons of Cash, Infinite Health, and More Points
Micro Olympics Hacked
999999 Money and 9999999 Average Distance
UFO Mania Hacked
Unlimited Lives, All Levels Unlocked
Paranormality Hacked
Infinite Lives
Parking Lot 1 Hacked
Unlimited Lives, Timer Doubled
Invasion 3 Hacked
All Upgrades, Money
Blade Of Innocence Hacked
Unlimited Units, Health, Cash
Blocks Cometh Hacked
Unlimited Jumps
Demolition City Hacked
More Time And Infinite Lives
Johnny Deep Hacked
Infinite Oxygen, Money and Arrows
Boxhead Bounty Hunter Lite Hacked
Unlimited Cash And Bounty Points
Hans Coldy And Emma Qualdy Hacked
Press Z + X + Up Arrow To Fly
Andagel Hacked
Infinite Health
Burger Restaurant 2 Hacked
All Goals Set To $1 - Money In The Shop.
Fasci Zombies 2 Hacked
Unlimited Gold, Faster HP Regeneration
PacXon Hacked
Infinite Lives
Battle Tank Hacked
Extra Money - Dying Gives You Lives.
Mario Combat Hacked
Infinite Health, Higher Jump