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Shape Invasion Hacked

Speed Biker Hacked
Unlimited Health
Destroy The Toy Hacked
Money and Lives
Armed With Wings 2
Unlimited Life, Sword Special (Press D)
Stickman Sam Hacked
Infinite Ammo and Health, All Guns
Dead Frontier Night One Hacked
No Reload, Immortality, Faster Shooting
GreenCastle Double Exodus Hacked
Starting Equipment Changed, All Stats Max
Ragdoll Pirates Hacked
Infinite Pirates, Megabombs Unlocked, No Wait Time
Super Mario Crossover Hacked
Start Powered Up And Stay Powered Up
Ski Runner Hacked
Higher Points, Unlimited Health
Sim Lemon Lemonade 30 Days Hacked
Unlimited Money
Planet Basher Hacked
Unlimited Stardust
Hairball Hacked
All Obstacles Removed
Genghis Khan Hacked
Unlimited Money
Znax Hacked
More Time
Cell Juniors Revenge Hacked
Infinite Health
My Dolphin Show Hacked
All Dolphins Cost 0 And Add Money.
Kaos Kommander Hacked
Unlimited Money
Invasion Of The Galactic Goobers Hacked
Infinite Lives
Undead End Hardcore Hacked
Unlimited Ammo
Thing Thing 3 Hacked
Infinite Health and Ammo, No Reload
Tower Defence Hacked
999999 Money and Lives
2112 Cooperation Chapter 3 Hacked
Infinite Health
Musco Morpha Hacked
Coal Express 3 Hacked
Faster Levels, Trains Maxed Out