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Chuck Norris: Attack Of The Massacre Ninjas Hacked

Gun Run Hacked
Auto-Shoot, Infinite Health and Ammo
Hustler Hacked
999999 Health, 999999 Money, and 999 Ammo
Oblivion Hacked
Unlimited Health And Ammo
Teletubbies Mercy Killing Hacked
More Times
Park A Lot 2 Hacked
Unlimited Time
Apocalypse Hacked
Infinite HP and AP
Driller Hacked
More Air And Lives
Tom And Jerry Cat Crossing Hacked
Tom Starts Out With Infinite Lives.
Virtual Cop Hacked
Cop Is Invincible - Space To Reload.
Mecha Martyr 2 Hacked
Invincible Mech - Unlimited EXP
The Classroom Hacked
Pass The Level
Ellipsis Hacked
Longer Life And Autofire
Da Vinci Cannon Hacked
All 7 Types Of Ammo
Treasure Seas Inc. Hacked
Infinite Money and Lives
Red Car Hacked
Unlimited Lives.
StarBall Hacked
9999 Lives
Dock It Hacked
Infinite Health, Timer Stopped
Mardek Chapter 2 Hacked
Easy Mode, Everything is Free
Indiana Jones - Zombie Terror Hacked
Infinite Lives
Rocket Robin Hacked
Infinite Fuel, No Wind or Gravity
Speed Warrior Hacked
Infinite Cash, 1 Million Bucks Reward, Dumb Enemies
Army Driver Hacked
More Rockets And Bombs
Indiana Jones Zombie Terror Hacked
Dying Gives You Lives.
Scooby Doo Curse Of Anubis Hacked
Unlimited Life