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Tank Wars Hacked

Turtle Defense Hacked
Press 1 For Money and 2 For Health/Lives
Fatal Hunt Hacked
Unlimited Health, Shield And Money, All Weapons
Half Life 2 Flash Version Hacked
Unlimited Health And Ammo
Future Wars Rise Of Raze Hacked
Unlimited Money
Escape From Rhetundo Island Hacked
Lives Hack
Mario Combat Hacked
Infinite Health, Higher Jump
Cave Of Wonders Hacked
Unlimited Lives
Underground Terror Hacked
Enemies Don't Do Damage
Apocalypse Hacked
Infinite HP and AP
2D Knock Out Hacked
Enemy Does No Damage.
Escape From Hell Hacked
Infinite Lives
Happy Cyclopsland Hacked
Immortality, More Points And XP
Last Touchdown Hacked
Infinite Lives
Megaman Project X Hacked
Unlimited Lives
Genie In The Castle Hacked
Fly With The Mouse And Shoot With Spacebar.
Warrior Prince Hacked
Power and Jump Height Increased
Creeping Hacked
Unlimited Ammo For All Weapons And Grenades
Jumping Rednecks Hacked
More Chances
Detroit Slum Lord Hacked
Unlimited Money
Fast Castle Defense Hacked
Unlimited Money
Captain Braidy 2 Hacked
Unlimited Money, Pass Every Level
Boxhead Bounty Hunter Lite Hacked
Unlimited Cash And Bounty Points
Half Life 2 Total Mayhem Hacked
Unlimited Health And Ammo
Death Row Hacked
All Stats, More Money