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IPirate Hacked

Rocket Robin Hacked
Infinite Fuel, No Wind or Gravity
Tails Nightmare Hacked
Infinite Flight, Lives, And Coins
Stick Defense Hacked
Infinite Money and Health
Garbage Man Hacked
Timer Hack.
Empire Of Galaldur Hacked
More Resources, Everything Is Free
Super Energy Apocalypse Hacked
Higher limits on all resources. easier level 8
Fatal Hunt Survivor Hacked
Unlimited Money
Tank Destroyer Hacked
Infinite Money And Mines
City Gunner Hacked
Infinite Lives
Flaming Zombooka 2 Hacked
All Levels Unlocked
Click Maze 2 Hacked
Dying Gives You Lives.
Orc Slayer Hacked
Infinite Money and Health
Battle Tank Hacked
Extra Money - Dying Gives You Lives.
Three Blind Mice Hacked
Lives Hack and X2 More Time On Time Attack Mode
Air Defence 2 Hacked
Lots Of Cash
FlashTrek Assault Hacked
Infinite Money, Infinite Health, and All Levels Unlocked
Super Manager Hacked
No Bills, Infinite Money
Blind Ball Hacked
Unlimited Lives
My Pet Protector Hacked
Increased Stats, Everything Is Free
City Of The Dead Hacked
9999999 Cash, No Build Time
Hover Bot Hacked
Faster Movement, Unlimited Fuel And Lives
Shorty Covers Hacked
Upgrades Cost $1
Splitter Pals Hacked
Infinite Cuts
The Portal Guardian Hacked
Everything Is Free