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Intrusion Hacked

Arcanorum Hacked
All Weapons and Ships Unlocked
Batman Mystery Of Batwoman Hacked
Infinite Health
City Jumper New York City Edition Hacked
Dying Gives You Lives.
The Professionals 2 Hacked
Unlimited Health, Ammo
Undead End Hardcore Hacked
Invincible - Unlimited Ammo.
Tentacle Wars Hacked
Maximum Power
Disorderly Hacked
More Vouchers
Linion Hacked
Unlimited Money, Power, Barrier, Mind, Energy, All Spells Learned
TU 95 Hacked
Use The Keys 1-6
Born Of Fire Hacked
All Heroes Unlocked, Level Up Every Kill, Quick Mana
ShootM Hacked
Everything Costs $1
Garden TD Hacked
Unlimited Money And Health
Hexcelle Hacked
10000 Building Hexes
Kick Buttowski Suburban Daredevil Hacked
Infinite Nitro, All Levels Unlocked, All Vehicle Upgrades
Super Mario BP Oil Spill Hacked
Invincible Mario.
Bumper Boat Battle Hacked
Unlimited Health, Points, and Money
Higher Hacked
Infinity Money
Special Mission Hacked
Unlimited Bombs, Lives, Bullets
Shop Lifter Hacked
Infinite Cash, All Weapons Have Unlimited Ammo
Army Speeder Hacked
Lots Of Health.
BattleField 2 Hacked
More Life and Ammo
Newgrounds Sim Hacked
Unlimited Money, Everything Unlocked, More Skill Points
Snowstar Hacked
Infinite Money, Health and Strength
Bionoids Hacked
Infinite Money