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Mardek Chapter 2 Hacked

Holy War Invasion Hacked
You Cannot Die
Marksman Defense Hacked
5 Million Gold, 5 Million Health
Tractor Mania Hacked
Unlimited Health
Geo Land The Dream Traveler Hacked
Infinite Health And Energy
Murloc Hacked
Unlimited Talent Points, Money, Health and Mana
Smoking Kills Hacked
Lots of Cash
Penguin Salvage 1 Hacked
Unlimited Fireballs, All Levels Unlocked
Shopping Street Hacked
Infinite Money
Army Of Destruction Hacked
All Guns Unlocked, Unlimited Health and Ammo
Poltergifts Hacked
All Items In The Store Cost 1 Only.
Glow Shooter TD Hacked
Lots Of Money And Lives.
Dragon Hunt Hacked
Infinite Shield
Papa's Pancakeria Hacked
All purchases add more money
K O L M Hacked
Start With Vision
Break A Wish Hacked
9999 Lives
Shift Freedom Hacked
Start With 100 Skips Instead Of 3
Alpha Bounty Hacked
Money, Health and Accuracy Increased
Cloud To Ground Lightning Hacked
Chopper Health Is Increased To Max
Temple Guardian Hacked
Miracles Happen
Tactical Assassin 2 Hacked
All Level Codes Are Modified
Spindle Hacked
More Health
Order To Go Hacked
Infinite Health, Lives And Ammo
Bricks Breaking Hacked
Unlimited Magic Wands
Ben 10 Ninja Spirit Hacked
Unlimited Health and Lives